Nowhere To Go

So for my very first post I want to post a song I wrote recently. For a while I had been suffering with issues of identity, specifically how I identify with other people, how I’m perceived. Simultaneously me and my ridiculously amazing girlfriend, Carrie, were struggling with our place in the modern world, and how we felt utterly incapable of seeing a future that balanced financial stability with happiness, or at the very least, purpose. I don’t know that all (or any) of that internal struggle is properly conveyed in this song, but I hope you enjoy it.

There isn’t a home for us to go,
no garden, no houseplants, no children to grow.
No path you can follow, I can’t lead you through.
The souls of tomorrow swallow you and me.

No, this road only goes where we won’t.
These boots have been covered in layered of mold.
One million “we’re here’s” we may never say,
I know that we weren’t meant to live this way

The truth is my brother/lover,
we’re freeze in the summer,
we’ll burn in the winter,
we’ll never recover.

The dead and the living,
the whole world is spinning,
and I can’t go with you/ but we’ll be together!

So if you’re curious about the /s, it’s because I couldn’t decide if I wanted the lyrics to be of a more romantic and personal nature (lover, but we’ll be together), or simply a platonic lamentation (brother, I can’t go with you). Opinions?


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