About Me

My name is Robert James Mediavilla. (Not Robert Mediavilla. That’s my father. And not Robert Mediavilla Jr. I haven’t the slightest clue as to who that it is.) You can call me Rob. I’m 24. I live in California. I’m currently staring at my neighbors’ backyard. Or rather, over my neighbor’s backyard. My comic collection used to rest underneath the window that leads to my neighbors’ backyard (and beyond). Now they sleep with me at the foot of my bed. (Several months later, this statement is a lie. They once again reside under the window)

That’s the important bit. The comics, not my bed or how much I do or do not sleep (or the accidental lie). I love comics. I love books. I love films. I love tv shows. I want to write them all. I am a writer, with words (and antibodies) in my blood and this site is me taking my writing (and I suppose my life) seriously, by challenging myself to write every day. No exceptions, no excuses. Well, except for the good ones.

Do me a favor, would you please? Hold me to this project. Read and criticize my work when I post it, and mercilessly and belligerently belabour me when I do not. I thrive on, yet am deathly afraid of, feedback, and that combination of pride and fear will hopefully (probably?undoubtedly?) keep my consistent and creative.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, or not taking the time to read this but reading my other work. I hope you truly find it worthwhile. If you like what you see, please check out my professional page: ourmodeltown.com

Also, for insight into the caption underneath my photo– as I am not truly a man who believes he may be a bird– please check out my YouTube channel SendMoreRobots where I occasionally collaborate with my nearest and dearest friends to produce heaps of nonsense.

Send More Robots [You know you want to press this link. Treat yo’ self.]


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